Time registration

Time registration

Enables you to book all worked hours on the correct project. You acquire an insight into the performances through various filters: period, employee, project, person responsible, etc. Also the hours not worked (sickness, leave, etc.) can be observed more efficiently by the HR department or the social secretariat. 

Uurregistratie - uurregistratie

Subsequent calculation

Time registration and invoicing are the basis of the subsequent calculation which gives an accurate overview of all costs and turnovers of a project. It allows you to always observe your projects, before, during and after the execution. Moreover, with cost-plus projects you can use the time registration as a source for the sales invoicing. 

Uurregistratie - nacalculatie

Track & Trace

The Track & Trace system allows you to trace your staff’s cars when on the road. The registered hours and the kilometres driven can easily be loaded. No need to re-enter the data, with the risk of errors. In the construction industry, you also comply with the mandatory attendance recording through a link with the Belgian government’s checkinatwork.

Track en trace

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