Sales invoices

Based on the available customer information you can easily and simply make sales invoices that are automatically kept as project profit. Invoices are made based on the progress reports, consumptions (on an hourly basis) or in instalments. An invoice instalment can be either a fixed amount or a percentage of the total amount. 

Facturen - verkoopfacturen

Progress reports

With one click you can make progress reports per period. The finished jobs can be entered in various ways: percentage or total, actual period or overall time, etc. You can also use revision formulas. The statuses (e.g. sent, approved, invoiced) offer an excellent view on your cashflow


Maintenance contracts

To better organise the periodic maintenances at your customers’, you can use the maintenance contracts module. All conditions are collected and correctly invoiced. This eliminates a time-consuming search for all formerly agreed arrangements with the customer. Moreover, it takes one mouse click to invoice a full period.

Facturatie - onderhoudscontract


Thanks to the digitalised invoicing process, the administration of the Flemish Government and of its suppliers can be done much easier. Electronic invoicing increases efficiency, and is beneficial for the cashflow of companies. An opportunity not to be missed!

Facturatie - e-invoicing

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